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Top tips to PREP for Black Friday when shopping online

Posted by Wendy Huggins on
Top tips to PREP for Black Friday when shopping online
Black Friday Prep

Black Friday has proven a successful retail strategy for the South African retail scene now for a few years running now.

But with so many deals and communications from retailers, wholesalers, online stores, small businesses and more, how do you know where to begin? It can be overwhelming for sure!

Our top tips to take advantage of the sales, without overspending or missing out, are as follows:


Think about the brands you've followed, tentatively added to cart but never purchased? But you know you want it! Now is the time. Most brands have caught on that compelling discounts at Black Friday are the way to go. In our opinion, anything under 30% is simply NOT compelling for South African consumers!

Black Friday will be the time that your fave brand finally drops prices. Tis' the season to shop after all.

Retailers have also realised that reserving discounts for only 3 days makes it IMPOSSIBLE for consumers to get to everything, so lengthened time for discounts in November help everyone plan so that they don't miss out.

So make a short-list of the top brands or goods that are on your personal Santa's list, visit their websites, sign up for their newsletters and follow them on social media and START setting reminders for their discounts.

Next, think about your holiday gifting for loved ones - anything your creative entrepreneurial wife needs? Your photographer hubby? (HINT: styling boards are the ultimate tool they didn't know they needed).

Shop safely online at Flatlay Studio

Shop online where possible

We're still of the opinion that online shopping is THE way to go every Black Friday and holiday season. You can maximise your savings without stepping out of the safety and comfort of your home. Online stores operate 24 hours, and you don't need to find parking or transport, queue in the shops or worry about overspending in the aisle at the tills (we all do it!).

The pros are endless. This is especially true for gadgets, accessories, flatlay styling boards, photography accessories and general gift items that don't need to be fitted or tried on before purchasing.

Flatlay Studio is an online store only, and our website is geared to host high volumes of traffic. We've also added FAQs section on each product page to help you make informed decisions. What's more - if things get ropey during Black Friday week, just WhatsApp us on 0729855425 and we will respond ASAP to sort it out for you.

Wishlist on Flatlay Studio

Get Wishlist Ready

Now that you're online, visit the websites and make sure that you can access the Wishlist function. This is still THE BEST way to window shop and prepare for Sale day. Some websites require you to create a free profile or account in order to unlock the Wishlist functionality. The convenience and ease of the Wishlist definitely makes this worthwhile! 

Flatlay Studio has a simple process to unlock your Wishlist - simply register a profile on our website by clicking here, and then add your fave products to your Wishlist. Come sale day, simply move your final choices into your cart directly from your Wishlist. All the hard work window shopping and browsing saves you time come crunch time and will help you avoid disappointment come Sale day. 

Fast Delivery with Flatlay Studio

Convenient DELIVERY to your door

Online shopping at this time of year guarantees delivery before Christmas from most online retailers, even during periods of high volume. 

Christmas shopping SORTED!

Flatlay Studio guarantees delivery 3-10 days after date of order. We charge a flat fee for delivery nationwide. Nothing can be convenient and exciting than receiving your parcel from the courier :) Truly feels like Christmas every time.


Loyalty Rewards with Flatlay Studio


Are a few brands having great discounts but you don't know which to choose? Well, which brand offers loyalty rewards? When spending at Black Friday sales, it'll be good to know that your hard-spent money is tallying up towards some kind of Rewards program that values your loyalty. 

Flatlay Studio has a Loyalty Rewards program, where you earn points for every Rand spent. These points are then converted intro compelling discounts, and your loyalty is truly rewarded. While you cannot spend/ combine your rewards discounts with Black Friday discounts, be assured that you still earn your rewards and are able to spend them during non-sale times.


GIFT CARDS are still a great idea

Not sure what to get loved ones? A gift card/ voucher gives the gift of choice. Keep an eye out for retailers who are also offering discounts on Gift Card purchases during Black Friday specials. This is a great way to still take advantage of savings and give your loved ones the gift of CHOICE!

Flatlay Studio offers gift cards in various amounts, and the best part is that Gift Cards CAN be combined with discounts online, helping the recipient take advantage of Flatlay Studio sales.


Flatlay Studio Gift Cards

Shop securely online using trusted and secure payment methods.

Choose online retailers that are trusted - can you see Reviews for their products, and proof that others have had successful online purchases?

Are the Payment Methods transparent and do you have several choices?

Flatlay Studio has several secure payment methods available to choose from. Click here for all info. 





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