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Oh, hi there!

I'm Wendy. Want to know how I got started? Read on :)

Wendy Huggins

The idea

After selling a profitable beauty salon franchise in 2019, I began brainstorming my next business venture. Deciding I would next delve into the world of photography and design was a natural progression, as I’ve always had an appreciation for art, design and photography.

Being a copywriter by trade with a corporate marketing background, I helped a friend write copy for her new online store, and decided my next venture simply had to be an e-commerce store too.

I stumbled across the styling backgrounds idea from browsing overseas websites and from many late-night hours down those pesky Instagram wormholes, oohing and aaahing over pages and pages of beautiful content, and realising that the content mainly looked so beautiful because of the backgrounds they were shot on!

Research & Development

I spent tons of time and money on research and development, and compared styling backgrounds, literally from all over the world. I was disappointed with what arrived at my door – rolled up paper prints, small squares of cardboard, damaged foam boards and dully printed laminations. This made me determined to create a rigid yet lightweight board, with an ultra-realistic and high quality 300DPI print direct on the surface.

Wendy Huggins

Unique Selling Propositions

It took months to source the right production partner, who helped me to develop a completely unique board, and who now specially orders the material in for me. Getting the print quality just right also took many weeks of trial and error.

The crux of my product offering, is that my boards are constructed differently to what the current marketplace has to offer, which allows me to market a unique selling proposition. I also have many, many years’ experience in corporate customer service relations, and so I am no stranger to exceptional and personalised service. It is for these reasons that I decided there was enough opportunity here in South Africa to set up shop.


And so, after months of research, planning, trial and error, I launched Flatlay Studio in September 2019. I even travelled to the USA in December 2019 to explore the flatlay marketplace further and to see what products could be adapted to our local market, but unfortunately my continued 2020 R&D travel plans are on hold.

Rest assured that I am still always keeping an eye on world trends and innovating to offer South African consumers board and banner styles that are on-trend and relevant in a global social media space.

Not just styling backgrounds

Using photography styling boards and banners for content creation is a new concept to most South African entrepreneurs – some friends and family still aren’t 100% sure what I sell! – but there is much more I want to expand Flatlay Studio into. I am working on an accessories range and a host of other exciting ideas, so watch this space, I’m not done yet.. !

Not enough time in the day!

I’m most importantly a wife, and mom, and the struggle (read: juggle!) is real! My big business ideas don’t always move along quite as quickly as I’d like due to time constraints, but I'm positive that they will get there in the end.

Thanks for supporting this small, female-owned, mom-run, alone-at-home South African business, and for reading this story all the way to the end :)



Wendy HUggins


Flatlay Studio in a nutshell

We supply flatlay styling background boards conveniently to your door at competitive prices. 

Our goal is to empower all the self-starters, side-hustlers, instagrammers and future creative giants out there, by enabling you to take more beautiful flat lay photographs to deliver powerful imagery to your communities and effortlessly tell your story.

Whether your aim is to enhance your instagram feed, add more diversity to your photograph portfolio, or wow your clients with some more beautiful backgrounds, we've got the styling background just right for you.


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