Board and Banner size and price info

Quick Price summary of our boards and banners, subject to change. Price decrease 1 March 2024.

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Boards are rigid and durable. Also lightweight, weighing around 0.5kg each. They are easy to transport, set up and work best when you have two boards to create dynamic content.

BOARD - Compact size 600mm x 450mm Ideal for small product photography - Beauty, delicate handmade items, jewellery, cookies, cupcakes, small toys, lifestyle bloggers. R399 each
BOARD - Medium size 600mm x 600mm Our most popular size. Suitable for all above, added space for food styling, cake baking, shop owners who have larger items and need more space. Could possibly be used for editorial. R499 each
BOARD - Large size 900mm x 600mm Perfect for food photography, florists, homeware items, fabrics and so forth. Works well for editorials, plenty of space for copy, great for clothing and anything requiring a little more space. R499 each


Behind the scenes compact boards

Pictured above, our compact boards and smallest size. 


Medium board Setup Medium boards edited

Pictured Above: Two Medium boards setup to create a mini studio. Behind the scenes on the left and final edited picture on the right.

Behind the scenes - large flat lay board

Pictured above - Two large boards propped up to create a mini studio. This fit a 30cm Le Creuset caserole dish perfectly with lots of space for extra props and styling opportunities as well as editorial if needed.

BANNER - Standard 1000mm x 800mm  Our standard banner, larger than our  Large board. Banners are flexible. Great for much larger product photography, clothing and homeware. R699 each
BANNER XL 1.2m x 1.2m  Our largest banner, ideal for clothing flatlays and other lifestyle items, homeware, bags, cushions and fabrics. R1299 each


Banner Standard behind the scenes

Pictured above, a standard size Banner, leaving more room for flat lays such as clothing and so forth.


XL banner behind the scenes

Picture above, our XL banner measuring 1.2m x 1.2m which is ideal for full outfit clothing flatlays and more. We can also custom-make banners up to 2.5m x 1.2m big. Please get in touch for more info.

Our banner size is standard 1000mm x 800mm.

We also have XL banners measuring 1.2m x 1.2m and can custom make any of our designs to this size, with an extra lead time of 2 weeks.

Remember that Banners are flexible and boards are rigid.  If there is no banner option in the product's drop-down, then it is not available in a banner format. 

Read about the difference between Boards and Banners in this blog post.