Boards vs Banners

Boards vs Banners


We know that there is a lot of visual clutter on social media, as well as a deluge of information and advice surrounding flatlay photography.

And wow, are there so many different names for what we sell – styling boards, styling mats, styling banners, flatlay boards, flatlay banners, layflats, photo backgrounds, flatlay backgrounds … the list is endless!

We agree – it can get confusing!

So we’re here to take the guesswork out of your next order with us…

Flatlay Studio Boards & Banners

In a nutshell, all of our style collections (Texture, Tile, Wood, Marble and Plain Jane) are offered in a Board or Banner material, in various sizes.

We’ve recently streamlined the selection process on the website to help sort the Banners from the Boards when choosing your fave background, and to help eliminate any confusion between the two.

And so now, in the size dropdown selector on each product page, you’ll see the dropdown to select one of the options below, with details next to it for the various sizes available:

  • Board [size]
  • Banner [size]

Let’s dive right in and give you a quick summary of what each of these things means, and try help you apply it to your needs.

Option 1 : Boards


These are 2mm thick boards, rigid and sturdy construction, matte and anti-glare. They are our most popular purchases.

They are not foam boards so they do not indent easily, and they are NOT laminated (with the exception of our Plain Jane White and Blush Nude)  

They are available in two sizes:

  • Compact 600mm x 450mm (default size available for all styles)
  • Medium 600mm x 600mm
  • Large 900mm x 650mm

The size available to purchase depends on the individual product you’re viewing. So for instance, you’ll see our Tile Collection has mostly all large square sizes on offer, whereas the other collections have a standard rectangle board size of 600mm x 450mm. We can’t go much bigger than our Large size, because otherwise the product will start to get bulky and won’t be as portable.

Click here for our infographic explaining our board sizes. 

Choose BOARDS ...

If you want a portable and sturdy board for smaller product photography shoots, then these standard size flatlay boards will be ideal for you.

They’re rigid, can be used together propped up to create a mini studio effect, and are our most popular photography backgrounds used by entrepreneurs, photographers and big brands.

What for, you ask? Think beauty products, kitchenware, jewellery, food styling, blog content creation, floristry, gifting, stationery, handmade items, and so much more.

Images below: 

The blue and white board is our Greek Tile, and this one is 600mm x 600mm it’s paired with a white wood sized 600mm x 450mm. 

Flatlay board, Greek Tile 600mmx600mm and White wood 600mm x 450mm.  
White wood flatlay

Greek tile flatlay


Option 2: Banners


These are matte vinyl PVC banners. They are flexible, and can be rolled up to store and transport. They are laid flat on the ground, hence their alternative name, “layflat”. Because they can be rolled away, they are larger than the boards.

They are flexible, so you can still create a studio effect with an infinity curve. Simple tape them to the surfaces to keep them still and create a beautiful infinity curve, as per the below examples from @Flat_lay_Creative.

They are available in various sizes:

  • Standard 1000mm x 800mm (default available on all styles)
  • Standard Large 1200mm x 800mm
  • XL 1,3m x 1.3m

Again, the different size choices available to purchase depend on the individual styles. Not all products have all of the size options on the dropdown menu. If you need an XL banner and you can’t find it on the dropdown, please message us so that we can add it and quote you accordingly.

Please note that should we need to go larger than our standard banners, we need to custom quote you. This is because the material will have to be joined and a join line will be visible in your photographs, unless you have an editing tool that can remove the join lines. 

Below: the image below gives you an idea of our standard size banner. This features our White Subway Tile. 

Subway tile banner White subway tile banner

Banners are best for…

Being larger, they are ideal for larger product shoots, or flatlay photography involving a lot of props. Examples?

Fashion or lifestyle items, clothing, linen, shoes, large kitchenware, pet products (even the pets themselves), the list is endless. However, because they are flexible, they need to be laid on a flat surface for shoots. 

Below examples: 

The first is from Nicci Boutique, they purchased a custom banner measuring 1.3m x 1.3m - this worked well for adult sized clothing  


The banner below features children’s clothes and accessories and is our standard banner measuring 1000mm x 800mm.


Standard banner below.


Below is our standard Moroccan Tile banner  

Expect the best from both

Whichever choice of Flatlay Studio Board or Banner that you decide on, it's good to know that both materials have the following key attributes…


Our products are durable.


This means that the materials we use are strong and designed to last. They are spill-proof (hello food stylists!), anti-glare and highly stain-resistant. They can be packed away easily, and stored safely out of direct sunlight without getting damaged.

Our products are reusable.


We get it! You’re investing in our products, so we’ve made sure that you can get plenty of use out of them. We have some basic guidelines for taking care of your goods, but it’s not rocket science, and we want you to know that they can be used over and over again, enabling you to create tons of beautiful content!


Our products are lightweight enough to be portable


You can take them wherever you go, whether it’s to a client shoot, on a travel shoot or to and from your blogger hustles. No more lugging around large pieces of heavy granite, marble or wood! That means quicker setups, and more time to fit more shoots into one day (hello money-makers!). 


All of our products are high quality 


300 DPI prints directly onto the surface. No laminates, no bubbling, no trapped dust particles! The backgrounds are ultra-realistic, so it’ll be tough for your future admirers to tell whether you shot on real wood or concrete flooring, or on one of our backgrounds.


We offer a wide choice of carefully curated styles.
We offer styles based on several popular genres of photography, on current worldwide trends, and on what you’ve asked us for.


Still need something bespoke?

No problem, we’ll source it, recreate it for you or resize it, whether it’s a particular background or size you need, or even your company’s pantone colour. Email us or DM us now to get more info.

Without tooting our own horn, great service is something we strive to give every single potential client, as well as after-sales service and advice on how to get the best out of your purchase.

The hustle is real!

Boy oh boy, we know it’s hard. Creating beautiful content takes time, patience and effort. Trying to uplift your brand to get noticed, or creating a professional portfolio on a budget can be a massive challenge. We know it, because we’re also a start-up brand, so we’re here to support you along the way.

To wrap it up

Well, there you have it! Styling Boards vs Styling Banners and all their nitty gritty details on what makes each of them unique.

We’ve tried to stick to the same descriptions for our goods as much as possible, to help you focus on which product is best for you, and to keep ourselves sane too.

But if you’re still unsure or need more clarification, get in touch, we’ll be happy to assist.

Also, head on over to our FAQs page for more info on shipping and other questions that have popped up from our devotees most often.

Make it yours, you GOT this!

Wendy XOXO