• Ultra-realistic photography boards

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Ultra-realistic photography boards

Product photography that's on trend

Used by influencers & brands across the world

Visual storytelling for brands

Create your own mini studio

Take more beautiful photographs

Let's face it, in today's cluttered social spaces, you need great photos to get noticed, and your brand needs crisp and clean visual storytelling like never before.

Whether you're a professional content creator, part-time blogger, established brand or casual blogger, our boards will make your photos stand out. 


Rigid & durable construction


Flexible PVC banner options


Food stylist? No problem, mess away

Our products are spill-proof and waterproof, designed with YOU in mind. Now you can focus on great food styling instead of worrying about messy shoots.


Taking the perfect photo, made easy

Save time! We know how time-consuming content creation is - luckily, our boards are lightweight, the perfect size, and portable. Making them super easy to set up in your office, studio or at a client shoot.

Save money! Take photos like a pro. Most of our photos are taken using a simple cellphone and editing tool. And if you ARE a pro, then buy a few boards, tag us on IG and show us how it’s done :)

Save face! Instantly enhance your instagram feed's appeal, or add more diversity to your photograph portfolio, or simply wow your clients with some more beautiful photos.

Partner with us

We love a mutually beneficial collaboration! If you're a product photographer, content creator or big or small brand wanting to collab, please get in touch.


Photo styling doesn't have to be hard