Dark & Moody

Need to add drama or make food colours pop? 

Browse our dark and moody collection to find a dark board just right. Remember, lighting is EVERYTHING when photographing dark backgrounds, so they can be a bit tricky for amateur photographers. 

If you're an amateur and not sure, rather get in touch and we will guide you on the dark boards that are easiest to photograph. Email us on info@flatlaystudio.co.za. 

Almost all of the designs you see are available in a banner or board format/ material. Different sizes are available too. Simply click on the drop-down menu on the product page to make your choice. We can do custom sizing too, just get in touch and we'll have a quote to you within 24 hours.

Happy shopping!

photo courtesy of Meg from @flat-lay-creative, featuring Texture 5 Scratched Steel banner measuring 1000mm x 800mm.