Decor tiles are a HUGE trend in interior design at the moment, so it should be no surprise to see that we've curated the most sought-after designer tile backgrounds for our tile collection.

Perfect for recreating a trendy bathroom or kitchen aesthetic, these tiled backgrounds will ensure your images stay relevant and get noticed.

They are versatile - when photographed laid flat, it allows your images to pop, but when you prop them up and create backsplashes, well, then you're playing with the with big boys, my dearies.


We've got new styles - herringbone, hexagon and some vintage kitchen tiles to keep you on trend and in style.

Tile styling boards and banners are ideal for a wide range of content - from beauty, lifestyle, food, clothing, and much more.

Pair with any of our concrete textures, marbles, woods or more, these tiled backgrounds deserve a spot in your collection.