Quick tips for creating great Festive content

Quick tips for creating great Festive content
It's that time of year where the shops are filled to the brim with Christmas decorations, and there are green pine trees and brightly coloured sparkly baubles in every direction you look. 

 Namhla collection bright background for product photography

The content on your IG feed should be bright and merry too!

There's a reason why traditional retailers visually amp up the festivity in store, with some also playing Christmas music. It's to get you in the right mood for shopping. Online shopping is just as visual, more importantly so because of the lack of the other senses involved - there's no touching and feeling, no smell, no music to hear. It's allllll visual, baby.

Merry bokeh background board for photography and Foxi Original baby clothes

So best you whip up some gorgeous visuals of your products to stay on trend, stay relevant in the season and get noticed.

Here are some quick and easy ways to create some fun and festive content for your social media posts and website. For those with new festive products to launch, this is an absolute MUST.

But more importantly, for those who don't have Christmas-specific goods for sale, but still want to remain top of mind to their audience for gift ideas, then here are some quick things to implement leading up to Christmas.

1. The right backgrounds for your photos

That's where we come in. Our Merry + Bright collection offers both Christmas-specific backgrounds as well as more generic festive backgrounds to cater for all individuals. There are bright bokehs, traditional reds, greens and warm yellows too. We've even thrown in a snowscape to evoke those cold Christmas vibes. 

Macrama Gifts on dark brown wooden backdrop boards for photography

Choose from our dark options for traditional festive vibes, including our plain Mistletoe and Pine Tree flatlay boards.

If you want a light and bright aesthetic, no problem - we have some beautiful new bokeh backgrounds as well as some Christmas at Home interior flatlay boards. 

Double sided photography backdrop board with Oh hello products

Above: Double-sided boards add great value and help create pretty content while saving money and space!

Pairing ideas

Above: Pairing ideas to create dynamic content. 

Below: Same product several different ways thanks to background options.

Different backgrounds using the same product

Browse the entire 2022 Merry + Bright Collection here. 

2. The right props

If you haven't done so already, haul out the Christmas decorations and start selecting some choice tree decor to include in your photos to convey festivity.

Other ideas:

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Small red and white striped candy canes (Woolworths and Pick 'n pay have these)
  • Misteltoe decor
  • Small pine cones
  • Christmas lights (will help create your own bokeh effect)
  • Styling cloths that are deep shades of red or green
  • Christmas-themed cups, mugs, serving plates
  • Serviette rings
  • Dark wooden coasters

Bright festive bokeh background for product photography

3. Edit your photos!

Please please please edit your photos - crop them, lighten them, darken them and so forth. Download the free Adobe Lightroom app (our personal fave) and start playing around with simple editing techniques.   

Editing your images

Before editingAfter editing

4. Gift idea catalogue

Create a gift ideas catalogue using your newly created photos, to help market your products. 

Download our catalogue of our Merry + Bright Collection here.  

5. Add music to your online store during the festive season

Ah, so clever :) We use Shopify, and we know there are apps especially for the festive season that help you add festive music to your online store during November and December. To help get your shoppers in the mood and ultimately increase conversions (turn visitors into customers). 

Bear in mind that this could slow down your store's performance and irritate consumers so test it first and have an option for customers to mute while browsing. 

Click here for an example of this type of app. 

6. Create Christmas bundles

Take the guesswork out of your product pairings and help your customers make quick gift purchases. Creating bundles at discounted prices helps add vale to your customers as well as increase your basket size. It's a win-win.

We do this by occasionally offering bundles but mainly by offering double-sided boards and grouping our Merry + Bright collection together adhesively to offer boards that all go well together aesthetically. 



We hope this has added value. To all our customers celebrating Christmas, here's to pool vibes and braais - have a lekker Christmas.