Baby got BACKsplash - choosing the best vertical tile backdrop

Baby got BACKsplash - choosing the best vertical tile backdrop

Recreate that Beautiful bathroom or kitchen aesthetic with a tiled backsplash

Photo Backdrop backsplash tiles

Our most popular tile choices, a vertical backsplash design is the best bet for professional looking images without the hassle.

Clean, white and bright tiled backsplashes perfectly mimic a kitchen or bathroom scene, enabling you to finally have the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams!

  • Subway tiles - we have several options to choose from, as well as our latest and greatest Stacked subway tile. It's subtle, bright and light perfection at its best.
  • Trendy mermaid wave tiles or marbled hexagon tiles are also just so pretty and bound to get your images noticed!
  • Bolder options - such as our brushed steel hexagon and pink subway are for those wanting to stand out quickly and get noticed.
  • Vintage and moreish options, such as our mid-century white brick interior are just gorgeous for autumn content and more. We LOVE.

Pairing backsplashes with other boards

  • You can literally pair them with wood, marble, cement, textures, other tiles and more. They are so versatile.

Scroll through these beauties to see which one is right for you.

Photo backdrop for tile backsplash

Our mermaid wave tile backsplash is the perfect trendy photo styling board to mimic a beautiful kitchen or bathroom scene, helping you to recreate that dream look and show off your products to the max. 

 Shop backdrops below. 

Photo backdrop for white subway tile backsplash

We have a marble hexagon tiled backsplash that looks modern and instantly uplifts your images. Our vintage white brick backsplash is a photo backdrop that instantly adds a vintage mid-century modern feel to your images. It goes beautifully paired with wood, cement and marble photo backdrops. Shop backdrops below. 

 White subway tile backsplash as photo backdrop for product photography

 Ah, the new kid on the block. Our white subway tile is stacked vertically this time, allowing you to bring a clean and sophisticated look to your product photography. It exudes a bright and light aesthetic perfect for food photography and product photography alike. It is fast becoming a bestseller and proving to be the tile backsplash of choice in the realm of photo backdrops.

White subway tile perfect for food photo backdrop

Two clean and bright options here to create the clean white background you've been looking for. A white bevelled subway tile is a great photography backdrop to have in your backdrop collection, it becomes your go-to board for the tile backsplash option and is still one of our most beloved and popular stying boards.

Shop backdrops now below, neatly organised into a backsplash collection for your convenience. 

Remember that these beauties can easily pair with almost anything - cement textures, marble backgrounds, wood surfaces and more.



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