iPhone Photography How-To: Blurring the Background

iPhone Photography How-To: Blurring the Background

We're going to share a simple yet effective photography hack we use on a daily basis when using our iPhone. 

This top tip will take your photos to the next level, making them look super professional! 

It's simple - BLUR the background. This instantly creates depth and interest. It showcases the product/ items in the forefront and truly makes them shine.

Most eye-level photos can look bland or amateurish if the focus is too sharp or if the angle is wrong.

This is a tutorial for an iPhone, when shooting in Portrait mode. 

According to Apple Support, Portrait mode is available on iPhone SE (2nd generation) and later, iPhone X and later, as well as iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. 


Step 1: Set up your backgrounds.
Step 2: Open Camera
Step 2: Select Portrait Mode
Step 3: Hold phone at a good eye-level angle
Step 4: Press the "f" symbol in the top right corner
Step 5: A grid will open for you to toggle
Step 6: Pulling each of these helps you decide how much of a blur you want
Tip: Don't forget to tap the subject on your iPhone to focus on that
Some more set-up tips below.