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Wendy Huggins, Flatlay Studio.


Flatlay Studio is a Gauteng-based e-commerce store offering a range of high-quality reusable photography backdrops designed to make world-class content creation easier. 

It has a variety of both neutral and striking backdrops that are easy to use and to transport, designed with digital communication in mind. 

These photography backdrops are designed for both the amateur and professional alike, with clients ranging from big brands to entrepreneur start-ups. Bespoke design and custom sizing are possible too.
Press coverage
"Less can be more in food photos – put less food than you normally would on a simple plate, don’t zoom in too close on the food, and let the empty space (the background) draw the viewer’s eye to the main feature – the food."
Spice 4 Life - October 18, 2021
""Our Customers tell us that simply using our photography styling boards as backgrounds for their food photos is a game changer""
How to photograph food for Instagram
Daily Sun - September 21, 2021
"Whether you’re a new online business or a wanna-be influencer, here’s what you need to up your social media photography game."
Three ways to level up your Instagram feed
Marketing Spread - July 27, 2021
"Be sure to have balance in work and personal life. There’s no point embracing the flexibility of having your own business if you can’t carve out quality time with your family."
#WIB Q&A with Wendy Huggins
Women in Business - August 16, 2021
"When it comes to selling goods, services, or even your influence online, image is everything..."
Three ways to level up your Instagram feed - May 27, 2021
Flatlay Studio Logo
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I have been consistently impressed by Flatlay Studio's impressive range of boards. I may have started a slight obsession with them! The boards are the best quality on the market, and have not only improved the way my products look in photographs, but make me excited every time I use them!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This flat lay was one of my BEST purchases of the year.Absolutely love it. Now I don't have to take scrap booking papers and struggle with shoots. Even if this was the smallest board you have [Compact], it's still big! A great bang for your buck"
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Wendy Huggins
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