Covid19 Update & Effect on our Production


We are happy to announce that as of 14 May, all e-commerce stores are allowed to trade again, thus putting us BACK IN BUSINESS with a bang. 

This means a few things for you, which we'll quickly summarise here: 

1. It means that you can place orders again and expect delivery, YAY!

2. It unfortunately means that we cannot guarantee our usual delivery lead time of 4 - 7 working days, and instead need to add a few days onto this JUST IN CASE.

Why, you ask?

Well, courier companies are operating under maximum capacity already with increased demand from online shopping, and with the allowance of all e-commerce stores to reopen, it will simply add to the current capacity constraints. Add to this the extra time taken to produce and package while being compliant with new hygienic protocol, and it makes sense that everyone is trying to deliver fast, but not always getting it right.

3. Having said this, we are confident that the courier companies we partner with have stepped up and will be able to expand their services. We will be patient while they adjust to the new situation, and we ask that you please be patient too.

4. We will also soon be adding other courier options for you to choose from, and will announce and update this page as soon as we have finalised this.

COVID19 Assurance

  • Your products were produced in factory that is COVID19 compliant, and packaged in a COVID19 compliant environment, where the utmost hygienic care was taken when preparing and shipping your order.
  • Our courier partners are also well-versed in following the guidelines as set out by the Disaster Management Act.

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