Takealot Image Requirements

This page was last updated: July 2023. 

This page is to be viewed in context with our Takealot Seller Bundles, where we offer two plain white photography backdrops and a board bracket set at a discount price in order to help facilitate Takealot Sellers take compliant product pictures. 

NB: We are in no way affiliated with the Takealot Marketplace nor acting as an agent. This page shows an excerpt from the Takealot seller Guidelines pertaining to image requirements and technical specifications. We recommend reading the full Seller Guideline document from the Takealot Marketplace Seller Portal once you have registered. This is correct at time of going to print, July 2023.


Technical Image Requirements

File format

Only JPEG and PNG are acceptable image file types. PNGs may NOT have transparent backgrounds.

Image size

No shorter than 600px on any side

No longer than 5000px on any side


Minimum 72 DPI (to maintain the image clarity when zoomed)

Aspect Ratio

It is HIGHLY recommended that you submit images as close to a square aspect ratio as possible or in ratios of  4:3, 3:2,16:9, 5:3 and 5:4.

Max file size


Colour mode


Image frame

85% - 95% of the frame needs to be filled out

Primary Image Style Requirements


Generally, all Primary Images should display the single unused product or bundle outside of its packaging. Lifestyle images (showing the item in use) must be used as Secondary Images.

Exceptions and guided rules do exist in other sections of this policy to allow for: packaging next to the product, products that cannot be identified without packaging e.g.supplements, shampoo, products that can only be identified if shown in use e.g. tempered glass, car decals. It is important to review the guide for all exceptions.


Solid white background only. Colour code: (RGB 255,255,255) or #ffffff

Image Borders

No borders are allowed on the Primary Image.

Shadows & Reflections

Only light, believable shadows or reflections are allowed.

Image type

Only photographs are permitted. NO CAD drawings, thumbnails or illustrations.


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