What is Flatlay and why the hype?

What is Flatlay and why the hype?

Marble flatlay image

Flatlay is a term referred to when taking photos of items lying flat. The photo is taken from above and because of the versatility of the types of items that can be photographed; it’s a trend that’s taken off thanks to highly visual apps such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Flatlay Styling Boards are therefore the flat equivalent of the traditional photography backdrops used by photographers worldwide.

Flatlay Photography is the perfect style of photography to showcase your brand's products or services, which means that almost any business selling a physical product can showcase their product using Flatlay Photography, be it beauty products, stationery, kids’ toys, clothing or even food.

Flatlay wood kids products

The idea is to take a beautifully composed picture, laying many items together on a flat surface, to help tell a story with the image alone. They are highly visual and appealing photos from an artistic point of view, and many businesses have used this method to help set themselves apart from the competition, gain more followers on social media, and ultimately sell their products or services on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Flatlay raw flatlay credit

Some of the photos created have beautiful textured backgrounds, and it might seem difficult to recreate if you’re a small business or an amateur photographer using just your iPhone or smartphone. Now, thanks to FlatlayStudio’s styling boards, we provide the perfect background for you to lay your products on, instantly transforming your image into a professional, visual piece de la resistance, and helping you post gorgeous social media posts like a boss. These backgrounds range from highly textural such as concrete or slate, to smooth marble and even distressed wood.

 Advantages of FlatlayStudio’s styling boards are that they are only 600mm x 450mm big, making them easy to store or transport. They are highly durable and therefore reusable. Their versatility means that you will always find different ways to showcase your creativity with even just one board.