Levelling up: 3 ways to turn your Insta feed from lame to flames

Levelling up: 3 ways to turn your Insta feed from lame to flames

Whether you’re a new online business or a wanna-be influencer, here’s what you need to up your social media photography game.

When it comes to selling goods, services, or even your influence online, image is everything. But for many small businesses suddenly thrust into the world of social media and online marketing, getting the visuals right is harder than they thought. Professional photography may be beyond their reach, and their homemade photos simply don’t have the professional polish they see in top Instagram feeds.

behind the scenes

Wendy Huggins, founder and owner of Flatlay Studio, reports that she is seeing a flood of queries from small business owners wanting advice on how to make the most of social media to market their products. “Their products are usually high quality small batch artisanal goods, but the photos they take to showcase
them aren’t doing the products justice. Many of them simply don’t understand where they are going wrong.”
Huggins, who aims to launch workshops to help small businesses maximise their own product photos, says paying attention to these three factors will instantly improve the look of any product photo – even if it’s taken with a cellphone.

Lighting is everything. A dark, moody photo is best left to the pros. To showcase your product effectively, get as much natural light as you can on the subject, while taking care to avoid the glare and strong shadows of direct sun or camera flash. A good way to do this is to set up your product near a south-facing window or under shade outdoors.

baking goods

Nothing says homemade like using a kitchen counter as a backdrop. A stylish, neutral surface and background speak volumes about the product’s qualities and the lifestyle it is aimed at, and elevates a product from homemade to artisanal. For example, natural skin care products or home baked goods might be photographed on a whitewashed wooden board background, while high end perfume would be better on a marble-look background.

Because few people have assorted stylish surfaces and backgrounds in their homes or business premises, Flatlay Studio has released a broad range of non-reflective banners and portable studio styling boards to make product photography simpler and more impactful. Enhance your photo by leaving plenty of negative (empty) space around your product, and add relevant props, such as a sprig of greenery.

Behind the scenes cake stand Edited photo cake stand

Layout and font
Once you’ve achieved great photos, don’t neglect editing and text, to make sure your photo has exactly the look you want and includes messaging to drive customers to you. Editing apps have made it quick and easy to create trending visuals for your feed. Try Lightroom, VSCO, Snapseed or B612, or explore your app store for a plethora of options.

For more tips on achieving better product photos, go to https://flatlaystudio.co.za/blogs/news/6-quick-tips-for-flatlay-styling, and to see the backgrounds and banners available, shop their collections here. 

Released to the Press - May/ June 2021

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